Fire Alarm and 24 Hour Monitoring

A working fire alarm is critical to saving lives in an unexpected and dangerous situation like a fire. To ensure their reliability, fire alarm systems must be inspected, tested, and maintained regularly. At Lakeside Fire Protecion we specialize in seeing our projects through from beginning to end. We perform all required annual fire alarm inspections in accordance with NFPA 72 codes and standards. We install equipment, on new builds; and we can test and repair most fire alarm sytems, given the appropriate parts and programming capabilities. To ensure their reliability, alarm systems must be inspected, tested, and maintained in accordance with the requirement of NFPA 72 and your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).  Lakeside Fire Protection will perform annual and/or monthly testing, inspection and maintenance that is right for you and conforms to all NFPA standards, codes and manufacturer’s suggested inspection and maintenance requirements.

What you can expect during an annual NFPA 72 inspection.

  • Inspection control panel

  • Verify monitoring station receives all signals

  • Inspect all  annunciator panels

  • Test all manual pull stations

  • Test bells, audible, visual  and voice evacuation devices

  • Test elevator recall function

  • Test all magnetic door holders

  • Test smoke detectors with sensitivity testing every two years

  • Test duct detectors

  • Test sprinkler tamper switches

  • Test sprinkler flow switches

  • Test for ground fault detection

  • Tested for grounded field wiring

  • Verification that all batteries are tested and replaced per manufactures recommendation

  • Verifying all wiring is tight and secure inside fire alarm panel


At the end of our inspection you will receive a detailed report showing the location and style of every fire alarm device. With that report it will show you all the passed and failed devices and any deficiencies found during our inspection.

At Lakeside Fire Protection, we provide more than just inspection and service. To make sure your building is always protected, we also provide fire alarm monitoring regardless of the manufacturer. Our primary goal is to ensure that your fire alarm monitoring system meets all codes and is there to protect your building in case of an emergency.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

When you install a fire alarm monitoring system in your building, you get connected to a network of systems designed to keep you safe from fire all day and all night. A fire alarm monitoring system is equipped with a transmitter that detects when the fire alarm in your building is going off. It then instantaneously sends a message to an offsite fire alarm monitoring station with information about your emergency. The fire alarm monitoring station then notifies the fire department of your emergency as well as your key personnel.

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