Fire Extinguisher Services

Ensure Building Safety With Fire Extinguisher Services From the Fire Protection Experts

Your first priority is to always keep the occupants inside of your building safe at all times. But, it can be difficult to keep track of when your fire extinguishers were last serviced and if they will work in the event of an emergency. Lakeside Fire Protection will take the burden of fire extinguisher maintenance off of your plate by inspecting, testing, and maintaining your facilities fire extinguishers on time and in with accordance with all national and local codes

Fire Extinguishers

  • Standard ABC Fire Extinguishers

  • CO2 (Class C) Fire Extinguishers

  • Halotron/Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers

  • Dry Powder (Class D) Fire Extinguishers

  • Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

  • Kitchen Wet Chemical (Class K) Fire Extinguishers


Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection

If you’re like most business owners, you want to make sure your business is safe. Although you don’t know when you’ll need to use a fire extinguisher, you’ll probably want to know that if you’ve got a fire to fight, it’s going to work and hopefully put out a fire. That’s why it’s key to check in on the fire extinguishers around your business every month. Lakeside Fire Protection will provide you a free and simple checklist to ensure you are properly inspecting your fire extinguishers every month. Call today for your free monthly checklist. 262-383-0638 Not sure if you feel comfortable with this task? For an affordable price, Lakeside Fire Protection will come to your facility monthly to ensure your fire extinguishers are being properly inspected. Email us at to get your free checklist or to sign up for your monthly fire extinguisher visit.


Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspection

As your first line of defense against a fire emergency in your building, keeping your fire extinguishers inspected is of the utmost importance. Without extinguishers in working order, a small fire that could have been extinguished can quickly turn into a large, dangerous one. Lakeside Fire Protection offers you peace of mind with full service inspections for all extinguisher types. After our work is completed, we provide you with a comprehensive report showing you exactly which extinguishers have been inspected, which extinguishers are due for maintenance, and when that maintenance must be completed. This report allows you to accurately forecast how many extinguishers need maintenance for proper planning and budgeting. We also provide you with proactive inspection notifications, so you never miss a due date.

Not sure if your extinguishers are due for an inspection? Contact us today at  262-383-0638 or reach us by email at


Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

With regular fire extinguisher inspections, testing, and maintenance, you can create a safe and secure environment for everyone who enters your building. But, as a business or building owner, it is extremely difficult to keep track of every fire extinguisher. Each type has different maintenance needs and different time frames for when it must be serviced.

Our Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Program Includes:

  • Recharge

  • Six- Year Break Down

  • Hydro-static Testing

  • Proactive Inspection Notifications

  • Comprehensive Reporting

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